Keep Learning, Keep Growing

Apr 06, 2021

If you aren't being intentional in your learning and growth, it won't take place! Make sure you're investing time and effort into your development!

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Complex Vs. Simple

Mar 30, 2021

Nobody's impressed with complex – keep it simple! If you can simplify things, you can achieve the complex!

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Letting People Fail

Mar 23, 2021

If you're not letting anyone fail in your organization, you're limiting their learning and growth! Allow those you lead the space fail!

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When Your Joy Becomes Your Job

Mar 16, 2021

Know what and who brings you joy and lean into it! Who brings joy and fulfillment into your life? It will never be a task!

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Leading Yourself

Mar 09, 2021

Self-leadership is constant and can even be harder than leading others! Are you leading yourself effectively?

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Leading by Example

Mar 02, 2021

People are more observant of you and what you do than you realize. Strive to be an excellent example to those you lead! 

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Short and Long-term Decisions

Feb 23, 2021

Every decision you make is a long-term decision, and should be made accordingly! Short-term decisions are only a temporary fix that will hurt you in the long run!

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Sustaining Momentum

Feb 16, 2021

You can maintain momentum effectively by sticking to the basics. Make sure your organization is excelling in the fundamentals!

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Honesty in Leadership

Feb 09, 2021

People tend to have unrealistic expectations of leaders. Strive to be honest and vulnerable with those you lead! Don't put a spin on things.

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Connecting Your People to Your Vision

Feb 02, 2021

Your vision comes from the heart. You can't just tell people your vision––you must take them on the journey!

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