[Blog] How to Utilize Content and Connection

Apr 18, 2022

As a leadership consultant, I get to speak on platforms all over the world. I’ve spoken in places such as New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nigeria, Ghana, and many more! Likewise, I’ve bombed on many platforms, as well. I went into these speaking engagements with great content; but I knew, within the first two or three minutes, that it was dead. Why? There was no connection.

Let’s reframe the link between connection and content: if connection is the bridge, and content is the product you need to get across it, which would you start with? You don’t start with the content. You start with building a connection with your audience! The first sixty seconds of a talk, I obsess with trying to build bridges. My audience members may know me, or they might be totally new to me. But I have to build that bridge in order to get my product across.

So what are you doing to get your product across? How are you connecting to your audience, potential clients, and community? I’m here to tell you from experience that if you don’t connect, you can have the best content, but it won’t make the impact you desire. Obsess with content; but obsess more with connection.


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