What is “Enough?”: The Power of Intentional Satisfaction and Goal-Setting

Mar 12, 2020

As leaders, we’re constantly looking for more in our work, family lives, and personal goals. We always yearn to reach that next level, to climb a little higher, to have just a little bit more…you can fill in the blanks for yourself; the good thing about this drive is that it keeps us on our toes and out of our comfort zones. The dangerous side, however, is that we run the risk of never being satisfied with what we have.

You’ve probably met people like this: they have more possessions, money, and prestige than you’ve ever hoped to have…and yet…they’re never satisfied. They never sit back and reflect on how far they’ve come. They never say “thank you” or seem grateful for their numerous blessings.

This is why each of us has to determine our personal “finish lines.” Where are you going? How will you know when you get there? These finish lines in business and personal life will determine what “enough” looks like for each of us. Without this, we’ll always be obsessing about what we don’t have, and neglecting to be grateful for what we do have.

I remember a story I read about a very rich man, who was buying up land, buying up land…and someone said to him, “When are you going to stop?” He said, “As soon as I’ve bought the land that is just touching mine.” Without a finish line, we’ll never have enough. I’ve defined for myself what “enough” looks like, so that I don’t need accomplishments, things, and approval to substantiate me. You’ve got to know what is enough for you in every area of your life. Otherwise, you will keep looking at the deficits rather than the surpluses.

What does your “enough” look like in your business? In your family life? In your personal vision and goals? How can you practice gratitude and satisfaction with what you already have?


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