[Blog] The Price of Leadership

Jun 13, 2022


by Sam Chand

Nelson Mandela spent twenty-seven years on Robben Island off the coast of South Africa. For those long years, he broke rocks, did hard labor, was beaten, and had no privileges. Mandela’s future looked bleak. But then, one day, he gained his freedom. One day, he walked out of that prison to change the world.

As leaders, we must remember that leadership comes with a price. Some of you leaders may even be going through that season of refinement right now. Maybe your passion is to change the world, but you’re facing massive difficulties. Maybe you have no idea how God’s calling in your life will come to be. Maybe you’re in your Robben Island.

Just like Nelson Mandela, keep waiting and preparing—during the fifth year, the fifteenth year, the twenty-fifth year…despite how you feel, know that a brighter future is coming. God is using this season, no matter its trials, to prepare you for what’s coming. The Nelson Mandela we celebrate today would not have been the same without Robben Island. The work you’ll do for the Lord requires that you allow Him to shape, mold, and refine you beforehand. That is the price of leadership.

And one day…it will all be worth it. Say to yourself today, “I’m a world-changer. I won’t give up. This is my calling. And it’s going to be awesome.” Don’t give up. Stay right where you are, and get ready to move to a brand new place at the right time.


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