The Need for Coaches and Mentors

Jul 11, 2019

Perhaps one of the greatest regrets we can have in our lives is looking back and realizing we did not have coaches and mentors guiding us. It may seem like a luxury; but in leadership, coaches and mentors make all the difference.

Think about athletes. There are tennis and golf stars who are great on their own. But any expert will tell you that they’ll never make it to the championships—to the greatest levels of their skill—without someone to guide and train them. There’s nobody in our world who’s achieving great things without coaches and mentors. So, why is it that we think we can go forward in the role that the Lord has placed us in without these figures?

We see the same principle in God’s Word. Timothy and Titus had a Paul. Paul had Aquila and Priscilla and Barnabas. As you read the Scriptures, people have always had mentors in their life.

You want to go higher. You want to achieve the next level that God has for you. To do that, you need a coach. You need a mentor. Who has permission to speak into your life in a formal, authoritative way? The best thing you can do for yourself is surround yourself with a team whose experience and wisdom take you to the next level. Today, make a list of people you want to approach, and plan to spend time getting to know them.


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