[Blog] The DRC Coaching Model

Nov 21, 2022

By Brenda Chand

At Dream Releaser Coaching, our goal is to equip our coaches to help people grow and grasp their destinies. Nothing brings greater fulfillment than helping others succeed, and that is our vision. The Dream Releaser Coaching Model serves as a guide to provide the steps you need to discover dreams, raise awareness, and coach the process. The model is cyclical rather than linear. During the coaching process, you may find yourself moving from one stage back to another to make sure the person is satisfied with their direction and decisions. Let’s take a look at each component.

1) Assess
Connect through relationship: Establishing relational capital cultivates the atmosphere needed for the safety and security the person needs to open up about plans and goals.
Conduct Motivational Interviewing: Principles of motivational interviewing include expressing empathy, supporting self-efficacy, rolling with resistance, and developing discrepancy between present behavior and important personal goals or values.
Collect Data: Laying the foundation by collecting information about the person—general and specific. This can be in the form of formal assessment and/or actively listening to the friend or client.
Create the agreement: Defining the expectations of the coaching relationship from its origination and mutually agreeing on the parameters.

2) Articulate
Listen to their story: Express your engagement in the coaching process by actively listening to people as they share their story. Assure them that you are fully concentrating on what they are conveying.
Listen for hope: Attentively notice when there is an expectation, ambition, desire, or goal being communicated. Be conscientious of their aspirations.
Listen for their vision: Encourage imagination, creativity, and dreaming out loud to support their vision.

3) Awareness
Locate where they are currently: Recognize the reality as it currently stands. Ask your friend or client to talk about the actuality of their situation.
Locate where they want to go: Use powerful questions to discover their desired outcome. Promote dreaming out loud and continue to provide the safe, comfortable environment for the person to do so.
Look at whole-life context: Ask the person to consider life at a later time based on the decisions they make at this time. Raise their awareness by encouraging the mental picture of the outcome.

4) Align
Formulate core values: Encourage the person you’re coaching to discuss their core values. Determine their non-negotiables and how the choices they’re making are weighed against their values.
Formulate goals that align with vision and values: Ask questions to ensure people’s goals are aligning with their values, and bringing their vision into positive reality.
Formulate an action plan for each goal: Set the goals into action. Urge the person to convert their dreams into working movement.

5) Advance
Accountability: Allow the person to determine the amount of accountability they need to pursue these goals. Identify who will hold them accountable.
Adjustments: Confirm the person’s confidence in the direction they are heading. Provide the time and comfortable space for the one you’re coaching to consider their action plan and to make adjustments, if needed.
Affirmation: Use your earned relationship capital in the coaching relationship to confirm the person’s determination. Display support and confirmation by encouraging their action plan.


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