In the Meantime: Changing Our Perspective of the Waiting Period in Between Seasons

Feb 06, 2020

There’s a space between seasons that I like to call “the meantime.” In this space, you are not here and not there. You aren’t where you used to be, but you also haven’t stepped into the next season of your life. Many of us see the meantime as a place to sit and wait—to hope the next chapter starts as soon as possible. We try to forget what’s behind us and look towards the future.

However, I’d like to encourage you to change your mindset about this in-between period. What is it about your mindset you have to change? Somebody once said, “The most important change is when you change your mind.” The meantime is unique because it allows you to take inventory of where you are, rethink what is happening in your life, refocus your relationships, and consider what you’ll be doing at the next juncture of your life. This is precious time to reflect on the old season and prepare for the new. It’s not a passive phase; it’s an active one.

You are here, you want to go there, and the distance between here and there is the meantime.

The meantime will grow you more than anything else. When you were there—the old season—you knew what it was; when you are there—the new season—you will know what it holds. But for right now, you have to be in a place where you say, “I will grow in the meantime.” Why? Because opportunities come to those who are prepared.

So, how will you use this in-between season? What will you reflect on? What will you improve in your own character? What resources will you soak in? What preparations will you make for whatever the next season holds? What will you do with your meantime?


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