[Blog] Leading into the Unknown

Jun 20, 2022


By Sam Chand

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “You cannot take people where you haven’t gone yourself.” It seems logical; however, that saying is not true. Every major leader, whether spiritual, political, or social, has led people to places they have never been themselves.

The president of any country has never been president before. The pastor of a megachurch has not been pastor for an entire lifetime. No true leader leads people only to where they have already been; they lead into new territory. In this kind of environment, certainty fades away, leaving uncertainty.

The highest level of leadership is being able to lead in ambiguity. After all how you lead people when they’re uncertain, and you are uncertain, calls on and reveals your leadership skills—your thinking, your way of motivating others, your own sustainability on the inside, your willingness to look at all the options in front of you, and your willingness to gather a team around you.

All these things come into play when you realize you are taking people where you yourself have never been. So…what new territory are you venturing into today? Who are you taking with you?


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