[Blog] How to Get Things Done

Jul 18, 2022


Leaders in every country and industry struggle to get things done. Leading a team to execute initiatives is challenging at best. Here are three words that will change how you get things done, and radically improve your team’s efficiency:


Let’s put those together into a transformative sentence: “Who does what by when?”

This may seem obvious, but it’s actually a profound tool that can change the productivity and output of your meetings.

Firstly, you must assign an individual “who” to every task. Otherwise, it’s everyone’s task, and it will never get done. This point person you designate has to be your contact—a reliable individual who can follow through on initiatives. Make sure you choose the right “who.”

You must also designate a “what.” These are the critical elements of that project you’re working on. These must be clearly explained at the outset to your “who,” or else you’ll end up cleaning up the miscommunication at the other end of the project. Be sure to clearly identify what you want.

Lastly, you must put in place a “when.” This is the deadline. Without a deadline, that “what” will not happen. Rather than defaulting to “as soon as possible”—a vague requirement that means different things to different people—lay down a concrete time and date. Once you hold people accountable to the “when,” you’ll see things get done faster than ever before.

“Who does what by when?” This sentence holds the potential to shift the way your team executes initiatives. Give it a try this week!


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