4 Types of People

Jun 27, 2019

This principle will free you from a lot of frustration and heartache. Do you have a person on your team who consistently doesn’t deliver what you’d like them to deliver? Do you have ongoing frustration because of this?

When you go through these struggles, this principle will change free you: we have to understand that not all people have the same gifts, talents, competencies, and wavelengths. There are four main types of people in an organization. Let’s explore them together.

Wanderers. These people will never truly “get it.” You can invest in them all day long, show them videos and invite them to conferences…it won’t make a difference. These can be good people who know the Lord; but they don’t have the ability to catch the wave of your organization.

Followers. These people will see it, but they won’t pursue it on their own. You can tell them to straighten chairs or clean rooms, and they will. However, they don’t take the initiative on their own to do these things. They don’t pursue the vision of their own accord.

Achievers. These people will see and pursue the vision. They go after it. This is where we tend to get satisfied: someone who can deliver. However, there’s a key difference between achievers and leaders…

Leaders. Leaders do three things well: they see the vision. They pursue it. And—here’s the difference—they help others to see it, too. They know; they grow; and they show.

Once we understand these four categories, we can meet people where they are, for what they can contribute at any given time. This will free you from a lot of heartache and frustration, and improve your relationships with those around you.


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