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The Program 

The Sam Chand Leadership Institute offers leaders the opportunity to grow and succeed like never before. The program is online and flexible, perfect for leaders who are busy leading. You'll enter an exclusive environment of like-minded leaders who are serious about taking their influence and organizations to a whole new level.


Online Learning

The Sam Chand Leadership is entirely online. No need to travel or block out weeks in your calendar for more seminars and events. You will participate online - all from the convenience of your home or office - or if you are a serious coffee connoisseur, from your favorite coffee house!


Executive Training and Q&A Sessions

At the SCLI, you will be taught by Sam Chand himself over the course of 12 months who will help you become a better leader. You will participate in 3 on-demand training sessions each month where you will learn secrets to success, as well as a Q&A session on that month's topic in which Sam answers questions about the challenges you face in your leadership and organization.

Custom Printed Curriculum

As a member of the SCLI, you will receive a box with 12 books, one for each month of the program. These books are carefully created by Sam Chand to help you in your leadership journey.

Resource Library

As a member of the Sam Chand Leadership Institute, you will not only have access to great teaching and group coaching, but you will enjoy a library of digital resources created especially for you. These resources are housed in our membership site, and the library grows every month.

Time Commitment

We understand that you already have a full schedule and find it challenging to make time for hobbies, recreation, and leadership development. As a member of the SCLI, you choose the day and time that best fits your schedule. Everything is on-demand on your schedule. All sessions are conveniently available in your leaders portal so you can log in and watch it at your convenience.


At the end of the year, you'll receive an official certificate in leadership from the Sam Chand Leadership Institute.

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Stockbridge, GA 30281

Contact Sam Chand Leadership Institute:
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