[Blog] Tour Guides vs. Travel Agents

Mar 10, 2023


by Sam Chand

Have you ever gone on vacation, or even a business trip, and enlisted the help of travel agents or tour guides? If so, you know that these two professionals have distinct abilities and tasks in the travel process.

A travel agent gets you to where you want to go. They may have never set foot in the place themselves; but they know how to get you there. After you’ve arrived, the travel agent hands off the proverbial baton to a tour guide.

A tour guide, in contract, knows the place intimately. He or she goes there every day. They understand the significance, the history, of that destination enough to answer any questions you can throw at them.

Do you know what would be great in your organization? If you didn’t stop at simply sending people, but intentionally made an effort to show them around your world. If you knew enough about your company—your church—to take them on a detailed tour. Can you help them see the significance? Can you help them feel the history?

Don’t simply settle for being a travel agent, and getting people into the front door; be a tour guide!


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