[Blog] Implementing Your Decisions

Aug 15, 2022


by Sam Chand

As leaders, we often see decisions as complete once they have been made. However, there’s another aspect to decisions that plays out only after this step. While decision-making takes place in contained environments—behind conference room doors, over the phone, in a Zoom call—decision implementation affects the entire organization.

For instance, take the decision to hire—or fire—an employee. Yes, that decision is made by the leadership team; but it has consequences for everyone else, too. That person will touch everyone, even if the decision was made by a minority of the staff.

Many leaders focus solely on making decisions, letting the details of how they’re carried out fall onto others’ shoulders. But this lack of an implementation strategy can be disastrous. Don’t assume that, because decisions have been made, the implementation process will be automatically smooth. Instead, spend more time developing an implementation strategy.

Your decision is great and wonderful—thought through and vetted. Now, to ensure that decision is lasting, develop an implementation strategy. The one is never complete without the other.


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