[Blog] Exploiting Those Who Trust You

Jun 27, 2022


by Sam Chand

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted? It stings. Not only did they lie to you, but, for whatever period of time they did so, they knowingly exploited your faith in them. You may wonder, “How long has this been going on? You acted like everything was fine between us!”

These instances are a painful reminder that we must never exploit anyone else’s trust. How do you ensure you never do this? By making sure you understand the deep consequences. They aren’t contained to you, or even your inner circle. No, the higher you go, the more your decisions affect everyone underneath you.

Your personal decisions, are more consequential than your professional decisions. How is this true? Think about it: You make a poor professional decision, what happens? You lose money; momentum; maybe business connections; a bit of reputation. If you make a poor personal decision? You’ve seen them plastered all over the news: you’re going to lose the only currency that we have—which is trust. Your legacy, and the legacies of those connected to you, could be destroyed.

So, understand the weight of your decisions. Never exploit someone else’s trust. Be sure that your personal and professional lives match one another. That’s how you can ensure that your legacy is protected.


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