[Blog] Events Planning vs. Problem Planning

Feb 24, 2023


by Sam Chand

All organizations, churches included, have both events and processes. Some organizations say, ‘We’re really good at doing events.’ Some say, ‘We’re really good at process.’ In fact, there’s some internal debate as to which is of greater value. A growing organization—an effective organization—pays attention to both of these segments.

Events lead to processes which lead to events. The real question, then, isn’t how great your event is; but rather, What plan do you have for the process after the event? Spend just as much time planning for that. Most churches, especially, spend so much time planning events—which is good. But dedicate an equal effort to the processes. This way, you maximize, and gain momentum from, your events.

The event planning team may not be the same as the process planning team. Process thinkers are, after all, different from event thinkers. You can have two teams that work in conjunction. The bottom line is that your impact will be so much greater when you pay attention to process. You’ll have momentum to get where you’re going, and the impact to make a difference along the way.


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