Building Credibility: How “Negative” Decisions Build a Positive Reputation

Mar 05, 2020

We’ve all heard the word “credibility” thrown around in business and leadership before—especially in today’s culture. Your credibility and legacy is your most valuable asset as a leader. But how do we build credibility?

Conversely to what you may think, credibility is most often built by the “negative” actions we take. For instance, decisions like who to fire, what processes to let go of, or what to stop doing as an organization are essential ones for a leader to make. Why?

Because when you stop doing something, it sends a message to your team. It tells them that you’ve been watching, and you’re aware of what’s happening inside the organization. It communicates the fact that you have a plan and a purpose—that you won’t allow the reputation of your team and your business to go the direction it may have gone. When you release a person, you’re sending a message that the individual’s values and priorities did not line up with the organizations’.

 Think about the last person you let go, or the last process you put a stop to in your role. What do you think this decision conveyed about you and your organization? Stopping something means that you have greater focus. First, determine what your focus is…and then make sure your decisions and actions as a leader reinforce that purpose to your team.



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