[Blog] Overtrained and Underdeveloped

Apr 25, 2022

Recently, I stood in Nelson Mandela Square, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nelson Mandela is what we would consider a world-changer. How do individuals like him become world-changers? How do they begin? Are they born with special pedigrees that qualify them to be world-changers?

I don’t believe this is the case. World-changers are, simply, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It starts with an idea—a thought. These individuals think, ‘Wow. I’d like to make a difference.’ They see a need in their community, and started taking steps to meet that need and make a difference. One thing led to another, and they become world-changers.

Today, I want to encourage you! Perhaps you want to change the world in some way, but feel overwhelmed or unsure how to begin. Be sure of this: it won’t come about because of any strategic plan, conference, or seminar. It will only start when you get passionate about the needs around you. Begin to make a difference where you are!

Who knows? One day, there may be a square named after you. Even if not, you’ll be making a lasting difference for those around you. And that’s the definition of a world-changer.


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