[Blog] Don’t Do Your Own Thing

May 02, 2022

As a traveling speaker, one gets to visit all kinds of environments. Each inviter has a special passion and unique vision for his or her event. Here are a few tips on how to conduct yourself when you’re invited to speak somewhere outside of your usual environment.

Whether you have a date on the calendar, are thinking about speaking somewhere, or simply praying about where God wants to you go next, it’s essential to serve your inviters’ agenda. Let’s explore this concept. When you journey to an event or organization that’s not yours, there will inevitably be a new mission, or vision. That event was created for a purpose. You were invited for a purpose! That’s a great honor! Now, you need to be sure that you bring your personal agenda in line with your inviters’ agenda.

After all, they did not invite you to do your thing, but their thing. Spiritually, you must bring yourself under their covering. Simply put, do what they want you to do. Stay within the parameters they set—whether that’s time limits, topics, or any other requirements.

It goes back to the idea of holding someone’s ladder. Each leader has people who are holding their ladders for them. As a traveling speaker, you are called to help hold the ladder of those leading the event or organization. Once you make up your mind that it’s not about you, you’ll realize that your greatest anointing, while you’re abroad speaking, is to help those who invited you succeed. Do that, and they’ll be sure to invite you back.


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