Segment Your Leadership

May 22, 2019

What made Jesus the most successful leader the world has ever known? He understood that segmentation of leadership is very important.

He had the crowd, the 70, the 12, and the 3. All four of these groups had different functions. The three helped Him think. The twelve helped Him organize. The seventy helped Him do. The crowd was for public relations. Why did Jesus take the 3 to the most intimate times in His life? Because they were at a different level.

Our challenge is, as leaders, we tend to think everyone is equal. Everyone’s equal in His sight; however, we know from the Parable of the Talents that different people have different capacities and giftings.

If you give your thinking people things to organize, they will have a hard time. If you give your thinking people things to do, nothing will get done. Once you understand that Jesus segmented His disciples, you can do the same with your leadership.

Then, a doer can go up to being an organizer, and an organizer can end up as a thinker. It’s not about the numbers in each category, but understanding that people on your team are not equal. Never treat people equally; do, however, treat them fairly. The capacity and gifting of people in your leadership is most evidenced when you know that you have to segment your leadership.


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