Everyone Has Influence: Adding Value to Those Around You

Nov 06, 2019

Everyone influences.

Read that statement one more time.

No matter who you are, where you are, what your position, or what your direction in life, you are both influencing and being influenced by others—constantly.

The person who’s driving in front of you influences how fast you’re going. The person who cuts you off in traffic influences your attitude. When you’re checking out at a store, the clerk is influencing you; you’re influencing him or her.

Your influence is always changing—it’s never static. And it’s based on one simple thing: trust. When you build trust with others, you build a foundation for influence and leadership equity. Based on who trusts you, and whom you trust, you can start to identify the influence all around you.

So, who’s influencing you? Whom are you influencing? Here’s another essential question: what kind of influence are you having on others? Do you add value to every conversation? In every room? In every social media post? In every text message? Are you reaching out to people today to encourage and edify them?

The bottom line is, you’ll have influence whether you mean to or not; so intentionally decide what kind of influence you want to have, and with whom.


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