It's never too late to be what you might have been.

- George Eliot
Are you at the intersection of "Where you want to be?" and "Where you want to go?"


A DREAM RELEASER is what I was built to be.


  • After a certain level, you are finding fewer people who can understand you and your needs.
  • After a certain level, you are finding it difficult to identify credible, and trusted counsel.
  • After a certain level, your own dreams scare you!

I will be your DREAM RELEASER by serving you in two primary roles:


This is where I hear your dream, understand your vision and context and provide you with a customized blueprint to release your dreams.


All dream releasing entails different levels and consequences of change. I provide you with a detailed step-by-step change strategy.

So, what do I BRING to you?

I am a very "rich" man - blessed indeed! Rich in the sense that the Lord has allowed me to receive wide exposure to the Kingdom - and it is beautiful!

I've served thousands of ministries and non-profits in over 50 denominations - large and small in cross cultural settings. This has allowed me to see a cross section of the Kingdom that very few people are privileged to see.

This makes me a steward of assisting people with releasing their dream.

As A DREAM RELEASER I Develop Leaders Who Reproduce More Leaders

DEVELOPING: Training focuses on the task and is single-focused, whereas development focuses on the person and is multi-dimensional.

LEADERS: People who can see it (KNOW) pursue it on their own (GROW) and help others see it (SHOW).

REPRODUCING MORE LEADERS: A leadership culture with an action bias that makes leadership reproduction a natural process.

People want to know - "So, what do you do?" - I always answer by saying, "I'm a Dream Releaser." My primary purpose is to release the Senior Pastor's dreams. I help the Senior Pastor succeed - if the Pastor succeeds the church succeeds. If the Pastor's vision is fulfilled, the ministry is released - I help discover and strategically implement the Pastor's legacy.

My Consultations are broken into two phases - I and II.

My model is to:

1. Assess
2. Articulate
3. Align
4. Advance

PHASE I (Assess & Articulate)

In Phase I, take the corporate blood-pressure of the organization - a very detailed leadership capacity assessment to measure the infrastructure as it relates to the Senior Pastor's vision.

The organization must adjust to the Senior Pastors, CEOs and Executive Leaders vision not vice versa.

Meeting #1 - Senior Pastor and Dr. Sam Chand - 3 hours

Meeting # 2 - One-on-one personal meetings with the top 5-7 executive leaders on staff - 30 minutes each


  1. All meetings are done back to back in the same day.
  2. The Senior Pastor selects the Executive Leaders to meet with for 5 meetings described above.
  3. Often, if the Pastor's spouse is highly involved in the ministry, their presence is enhancing to the process.

Following this meeting, Dr. Sam Chand will present a full report which will include:

  • Overview
  • Observations
  • Recommendations
  • Opportunities
  • Strategies
  • Success Factors
  • Next Steps

This detailed written report will be presented personally to the Senior Pastor and requires a 2-3 hour meeting with the Senior Pastor. At this meeting all issues raised in the report can be clarified and defined.

Cost for Phase I - TBD

PHASE I is about:

1. Assess

2. Articulate

PHASE II is about:

3. Align

4. Advance

If the Pastor sees worth in the Phase I report, then Phase II can begin.

PHASE II (Align & Advance)

Phase II is the implementation phase in which the report and other items are aligned and advanced on a predetermined ongoing basis.

The purpose of this process is to:

  1. Free the Pastor to envision
  2. Place ownership with the leaders
  3. Place accountability with the leaders
  4. Provide executive coaching for church leaders
  5. Assure successful completion of project
  6. Build momentum for bigger vision

During Phase II, Dr. Sam Chand is available to the Senior Pastor for ongoing consultations via telephone, email, in-person etc.

Some of the issues Pastors contact Dr. Sam Chand about are:

  • Vision Casting
  • Assimilation
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring
  • High-end staff hiring decisions
  • Interviewing new potential staff persons
  • Introductions to specialists in a variety of areas such as financing, fund-raising, entrepreneur training, global missions, specialized ministries (men's, women's, youth, prison etc.), incorporations, financial planning, publishing etc.
  • Facilitation of strategies of major changes
  • Feedback on ideas
  • Ongoing conversations

Cost for Phase II: To be discussed at the conclusion of Phase I, because each church brings its own context and complexity. This is usually done with a monthly retainer.

Goals have to be SMART:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Attainable

R = Realistic

T = Tangible

A former president of Shell Oil Company once said,"This business of communicating has become as important as finding more oil". Regardless of our calling, the business of communicating is instrumental to your success.

For organizations, communication systems determine how readily ideas are shared. In his book Contemporary Business Communication, author Scott Ober writes, "Effective communication means motivating people, breaking down barriers and directing the flow of information and ideas that encourage people to think in new ways and to act more effectively."


Plan the vision


Get the vision


Resource the vision

Ronald A. Heifetz in Leadership Without Easy Answers speaks of a "Crisis in Leadership" by stating:

"Instead of looking for saviors, we should be calling for leadership that will challenge us to face problems for which there are no simple, painless solutions - problems that require us to learn new ways."

"In times of change, Learners inherit the earth, while the Learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists" - Eric Hoffer

"The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered in the present. It is a place that is created - first in the mind and the will: created next in activity." - Walt Disney

Leadership, in these times can be distilled to five I's:

Be a selective decision maker. Put most of your time into decisions with the biggest payoff. And ignore those that you can add little to - even if making them pleases you.
Know the four A's about the people you lead - their attitudes, affinities, anxieties and animosities.
Read extensively - not just about the narrow range of job skills but also about the broad range of human knowledge. And realize that the best way to stay on the cutting edge is to blend ideas from different fields.
Be willing to smash icons such as turf wars that misuse power, chains of command that bind and phony motivation schemes. Resist the idea that loyalty is a one-way street. And junk short term strategies that prevent long-term success.
Try to avoid anything that fails to stir your soul - whether it's a job or an assignment. And when possible, fire ideas that fail to light your fire.
(Management Review, James R. Lucas)

Your organization must be guided by the 7 C's for successful collaborations:

  • Connection with purpose and people
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Congruency of mission, values and strategy
  • Creation of value
  • Communication between partners
  • Continual learning
  • Commitment to the partnership
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